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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Great Suggestion for Outdoor Lighting Installations

When considering the installation of outdoor lighting, home owners should consider both safety and aesthetics. Outdoor lighting can both provide an aesthetic lift for your home’s beauty while adding security when the sun goes down. At Kircher Electric, we think there are three main elements to consider. These elements are safety, lighting type, and placement.

Outdoor Lighting Enhances Safety

1. Safety experts advise that outdoor lighting can include illuminating the roof. An electrician can install floodlights to light both rear and front entrances too. An electrician can also advise using lights with photoelectric cells or timers to enable lights to go on or off when needed. Your electrician can find the best locations and heights for maximum lighting. Electricians also know how and where to install bulb covers for light shielding. They can install in ways to prevent tampering too.

2. Lighting Types, when installed properly, can create a lot of curb appeal. Downlighting can highlight roof lines, flower beds, walkways, sidewalks, and other focal points. Uplighting is ground-based and usually low-voltage. It can highlight structural building shapes or trees and tree canopies etc. Shadow lighting can inspire interesting wall or fence shadows. Silhouette lighting highlights objects so that they appear as black against soft white backgrounds. Then there is moonlighting. Electricians can place light fixtures high up in trees to create the effect of a moon-lit sky.

3. Placement is also important when it comes to outdoor lighting. Of course, there are perfect home areas for outdoor lighting placements. These areas can include garages front entrances, driveways, steps, pathways, elements within the landscape design, and flower beds. Add to the locations list patios, decks, porches, pools, kitchen and dining areas, and pools.

There are a number of good reasons to hire a certified electrician. One of the most important reasons is job safety. Electricians can work safely with electricity and prevent future hazards. They are also licensed, bonded, and insured. Getting things done the first time around is always the right way to go. Of course, certified electricians possess the experience and knowledge to tackle easy or challenging jobs. Sometimes, fixing things yourself can end up causing additional expenses that you have to pay down the line.

Outdoor Lighting Publications

While we do not offer an endorsement of any particular publication, there is a ton of information you can research to give you an idea for your outdoor lighting project. These are always ideas that you can consult with your Kircher electrician about. Give us a call today. We are happy to answer any questions and to offer suggestions on the benefits of installing outdoor lighting.

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