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Choosing Your Electrical Car Dock

Choosing Your Electrical Car Dock

Key Elements to Consider When Choosing Your Electrical Car Dock

It is a good thing when consumers make a decision to buy an electric vehicle. It takes an awareness of current world environmental concerns and bit of courage to make a lifestyle change from powering up a vehicle from gas to electric. The good news is the world is changing its perception of electrical cars. This is obvious in the number and types and models coming off vehicle manufacturer assembly lines.

When deciding the electrical vehicle to buy, consumers should spend a little quality time thinking about how and where they will charge their new vehicle. This is where possessing a little knowledge about home or work charging stations can come in handy. An electrical car dock can be a real asset for anyone owning a hybrid or vehicle that runs 100% on electricity.

As such, we are happy to share several considerations for consumers looking to install an electrical car dock. The electric car market is growing by leaps and bounds, and there is now a formidable array of home charger docks available. Just keep in mind that the professionals at Kircher Electric are always here to answer any questions to help customers make an informed decision.

We can help our customers understand their needs and help them choose the right features. Consumers should start by looking at various available connector types. The installed station should have a universal SAE J1772 connector. This connector is in ample supply in the North American Market.

1. Pay close attention to the unit’s charging speed with respect to power and amperage. These factors usually depend on the unit’s operational level. A level #1 provides a normal 120-volt connection. For some, the charging time can be slow. Anyone in a hurry may feel a bit irritated with slow charging times.

2. A level #2 system operates on a 240-volt power source. Of course charging times are faster depending on the charger model.

3. A level #3 uses high voltage and can quickly charge a vehicle. Make sure this charger type can fit within your budget. Also, check with one of our professionals at Kircher Electric to make sure that it will not damage your vehicle’s battery.

EV Outlook

The fact remains that electric mobility options are expanding at a fast pace. In 2018, the EV fleet exceeded five million vehicles, which exceed three million vehicles sold the year before. Keep a close eye on the country’s policies like standards for fuel economy etc. Technology is advancing in the areas of battery chemistry, growth of manufacturing plants, and vehicle production capacities.

Look for warranty options as well. Warranties will generally cover connectors and cables. Reach out to our expert professionals here at Kircher Electric. We can help you examine all the design and installation considerations for your electric car dock.

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